Video Files Managing FAQs


  • Q1: How to hide/show the file management panel?

Click media manager button button to hide and show the file management panel in Any Video Converter Free/Pro./Ultimate.

close left pane


  • Q2: How to set output folder?

1. Click options button button File > Set Output Folder..., specify output folder.

2. Click options button button in the upper right corner of the main window. Choose "Audio" Tab , specify output folder.


  • Q3: Where can I get the converted video files?

1. Show the file management panel and click the profile in the left panel, then Right-click the converted file, click Open File Location from the pop-out menu or simply click options button button to open file location.

2. Click options button button File > Open Output Folder...


  • Q4: Can I sync the converted files to iPod/iPhone/iPad, Android and PSP directly?

No. The windows version Any Video Converter can not transfer video files to portal media players at the moment. You may use iTunes or our freeware Syncios to manage and transfer video files to iPod/iPhone/iPad. For Android smart phones users, you may use our freeware SynDroid to manage and transfer video files. For other PMPs, you need to use management applications respectively.

Please note: You can click options button button in the upper right corner of the main window, choose "Misc." Tab and check "Export converted files to iTunes automatically" option to export converted files to iTunes automatically after converting finished.


  • Q5: How to Enble/Disable Output Profiles? (For Any DVD Converter)

1. Click on the menu "Edit > Enble/Disable Output Profiles", a window will pop-up. You can check or uncheck the Output Profile in this window.

enble profile

2. Click on the Profile drop-down list, then click enble profile button and the Output Profile window will pop-up. You can check or uncheck the Output Profile in this window.


  • Q6: Can I manage output files by output profiles?

In the file management panel, output files are displayed by output profiles by default.


  • Q7: Can I add a batch of files into the program?

Yes. Please click on "Add Video(s)" to find the video files, then press "Shift" and select the needed files, and then click "Open".

You can also open the file folder where the video files located, then press "Shift" and select the needed files, and then directly drag and drop the selected video files into the program.


  • Q8: When I add the video, it told me there is no audio in the file?

If your source video file doesn't have audio, you will get the "no audio" message. You can skip the message and process conversion directly. And your video output will be without audio just like the source video file.


  • Q9: What are the supported input/output formats and media devices?

Any Video Converter supports lots of input formats, output formats and devices like smart phones, PMP and tablets, please refer to supported input and output formats.


  • Q10: Why can't I play my HTML5 video in the browser?

Please make sure your HTML5 video is in a format that supported by your browser. You can refer to the form below to get idea about the compatibility of different browsers.


Video Formats

Ogg Theora



IE 7/8

No <Video> support

No <Video> support

No <Video> support

IE 9

Not supported


Supported only if user installs WebM for IE 9



Not supported




Not supported



Not supported


Not supported



Not supported



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